Heartland artists win big in the Missouri Lottery Design-A-Ticket contest

Heartland artists win big in the Missouri Lottery Design-A-Ticket contest
By: CJ Cassidy
Sports fans weren't the only ones celebrating wins this weekend. Four out of five finalists in a contest sponsored by the Missouri Lottery Board are from the Heartland.
Terry Boyers of Morley, considers buying lottery tickets somewhat of a hobby. Granted, it can be an expensive one if she doesn't win, but more often than not she evens out the score.
So when the amateur artist came across an online contest to "design a ticket" for the Missouri Lottery, she couldn't pass up the chance to win some free scratch-offs, and decided to put her clip art skills to the test. "We're outdoors people. My kids grew up in Van Buren, we've lived over there camping and canoeing, and camping's our thing. So I thought of the Great Missouri Outdoors as a theme and that's what I did," she says.
Turns out many other people liked Terry's design too, and it was selected among the top twenty. "I went to the website to see who got picked or whatever, and I was like I'm on that! So I began calling everybody to go vote," she says.
That must have worked- because before Terry knew it. Her's was one of the top five hot tickets.
Three other heartland artists also made the cut - Allen Thompson of Dexter, Angie Cain of Desloge and Gary Black of Lesterville. "I won 200 tickets for getting the top twenty and 500 tickets for being in the top five, so I did a lot of scratching," Terry says.
She figures she won about $800 from her sratch-offs, but her competitive streak won't let her call it quits.
She's already planning on winning more tickets by taking part in a photography contest, also sponsored by the Missouri Lottery Board.  "I'm gonna send one in from the river with my banana trees and see if I get that," she says.
Terry doesn't know if and when her design will ever get printed as an actual ticket, but she says knowing her computer clip art ranked among the top five was enough of an honor.