Man-Tra-Con job fair helps employees change their luck

Man-Tra-Con job fair helps employees change their luck
By: Carly O'Keefe

PINCKNEYVILLE, Ill. - Bill and Carol Rheinecker were told that Thursday, they and the rest of Technicolor Universal's Pinckneyville workforce will be officially unemployed. "It's been stressful for a lot of people out at the plant; they're worrying how they're going to manage--get by," said Carol Rheinecker. "I've been through closings before, mine closings, and everybody will get through. Right now it looks like everything is doom and gloom, but everything will work out," said Bill Rheinecker.

At least, Technicolor Universal employees have help working it out. Man-Tra-Con held a job fair Saturday to show the soon-to-be displaced employees their luck can change on St. Patrick's Day. "Because their jobs are going somewhere else, they're offered benefits to go back to school to re-train for a high-growth occupation," said Kristen Poshard of Man-Tra-Con.

Carol already has something in mind. She plans to take classes at rend lake college for medical data entry, and encourages others to find their own niche and do the same. "People just have to take advantage of what's out there," said Bill.

Kay Conger is proof that there is life after a layoff. She's a former Maytag employee who's found a new calling. "I'm going to Belleville Barber College and having a lot of fun there and learning a lot," said Conger. "I'm real excited about getting through school and starting my new career."

Conger attended the job fair as a Belleview Barber College representative. She shared the wisdom of her experience as a comfort to Technicolor Universal workers who face the same struggle Maytag employees faced last year. "It's very devastating, but then you realize one door closes, another opens, and life does go on," said Conger.