President's blog address MSU parking problem

President's blog address MSU parking problem
By: Erica Byfield

MURRAY, Ky. - It's hard to find a parking spot at Murray State University, like other colleges in the area it seems as if there are more students and staff with cars then spots.

We spent only a few minutes looking for a parking spot, and came up empty, imagine looking for one when you have class in a few minutes. "It gets on your nerves" said Scott Kirk. "It gets frustrating when you have to leave an hour before class so you can get a parking spot" said Chris Fike.

They are not the only Racers questioning if it's time for change. In a recent blog the university's president addresses the issue and asks for suggestions to fix the problem.

Some ideas are starting a shuttle system and possibly breaking ground on a new parking structure. Freshman Chris Fike likes those ideas "that would be very helpful, because having to walk the distances we walk you have to leave really early to get to class."

Not all students at MSU think parking is a problem.  As a matter of fact, one of the students we talked to earlier this week actually logged onto the President's Blog and gave her two cents on the parking issue.  Kelly Mackin says no to the shuttle system and thinks instead MSU needs to look into fixing sidewalks and crosswalks because walking is good exercise. 
In the blog, President Dunn makes it clear parking is not going to change overnight so students and staff have to be patient.
Until something happens Chris Fike says he'll continue to leave early for class because he's not to keen on driving around in circles. 
University leaders plan to get a committee of students, staff, and faculty together to find the best answer to parking issues at Murray State.