YourTurn - 3/19/07

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Lawrence Ehlers from Ava, Illinois:
"It costs on average $8 million dollars and 11 years to carry out the death penalty...we can incarcerate a person for life for a million or less...we save $7 million dollars...every dime we save comes back to society in the form of wages for guards, builders for prisons, doctors, utility workers, food service, lawyers, clothing manufacturers...and we get the biggest benefit of all, we preclude the possibility of executing an innocent person."
Heartland viewer Cathy Pace:
"Why do they insist on taxing cigarettes.  (Smokers) have a choice if they want to die of lung cancer.  Whose choice is it when a drunk driver gets behind the wheel?  What if that drunk driver runs a family off the road and kills them.  It's not their choice...raise taxes on alcohol instead."
James Rhoads from Harviell, Missouri:
"My wife and I have been rejected for health insurance since retiring.  Our state politicians see fit to provide health care for (prisoners) while (they are) guests of our state but (politicians) will not provide affordable health insurance for the free people of our great state of Missouri."
Steve Woodfin from West City, Illinois:
"Regarding the illegal dumping issue...the fix is so easy we are missing it.  Counties should require mandatory trash pickup and add the cost to the consumer's water bill.  I suggest an every two week pickup in rural areas, instead of weekly, since waste service companies would be traveling more implementing mandatory trash service, people won't have a reason to dump illegally.  County boards need to start the process in all of the Heartland."

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