Vial of Life: What's Inside Could Save Your Life

Later this week, folks all over the Heartland will be rolling up their sleeves, giving blood, and the gift of life! By now, you've probably seen commercials saying you'll get a "Vial of Life" if you donate. You give blood and save a life, we give you the "Vial of Life", and filling out a little information inside could save your life.

David Palmer with the American Red Cross says, "It's just kind of neat how everything ties together with saving lives, and that's what this event's about, saving lives." It only takes a few minutes to give blood. It also only takes a few minutes to fill out the form you can only find inside a "Vial of Life" which could save your life. The form inside the bottle asks for all your medical information, like if you have any allergies, or if you're taking medication. It's valuable information that emergency crews need to know if you ever need help.

People know if you have a "Vial of Life" bottle in your home, if you put one of the "Vial of Life" stickers outside your door. They suggest that you put your bottle inside your refrigerator, so emergency crews will know where to look for it. You can also put the bottle inside the glove box of your car, and your sticker on your car window. Palmer says, "If they take advantage of this and use this product, it will give someone the chance to help themselves, a family member, or someone they don't even know. It's a way to save someone else's life, like people who come out to the KFVS 12 blood drive will be saving two or three lives by donating blood.

You can get a "Vial of Life", free, if you donate blood at the Heartland Blood Drive, this Thursday, January 17th through Saturday the 19th. We'll be at Westfield Mall in Cape Girardeau, Murdale Baptist Church in Carbondale, and in the Illinois Center Mall in Marion. In Poplar Bluff we'll be at the Valley Plaza Shopping Center, in Perryville at the Perry Park Center, and in Sikeston at the Sikeston Factory Outlet Stores. If we do run out of the "Vial of Life" bottles, you will get a coupon to get one, from your local Medicap pharmacy.