School vandals caught on tape

School vandals caught on tape
By: Arnold Wyrick
HARRISBURG, Ill. - What may have started out as a joke, ended with four junior high school students in Harrisburg, Illinois in trouble with the police.
According to the Harrisburg High School Principal Jim Butler, the four teenagers broke into the high school late Saturday night.  And once inside began spray painting trophy display cases, and student lockers.
"When you do something wrong somebody is going to find out.  And these kids made a mistake in judgement.  They were in places where they shouldn't have been.  And we discovered it," Butler said.
And at the time the juveniles broke into the building for their spray painting rampage, a teacher just happened to be in the building and saw them, and their get-away vehicle.
One of the suspects even felt so guilty that he contacted the high school's principal to tell him what he'd done.
"One of them contacted me and apologized for his behavior, which is a very mature thing to do.  And we appreciate it, we have no grudges.  They just made a mistake, they are kids," Butler said.
Kids, or not they are still in trouble with local police.  Now a judge will determine what sort of punishment to hand down to the four juveniles.  And they'll still face disciplinary action from the Harrisburg School Board.