Murray State president starts his own blog

Murray State president starts his own blog
By: Erica Byfield

MURRAY, Ky. - Students know their way around the internet and one local university presidents is using that to his advantage.

We traveled to Murray today to find out what President Randy Dunn is up to. Type, click, and send. "We put out a fairly controversial topic in our first posting" said President Randy Dunn.

Posting? That's right; Murray State President Doctor Randy Dunn is blogging. "It's a growing trend now, there seem to be 6 or 7 in the country doing it" said Dunn.

A blog is normally an online diary and it can also be a place on the internet to hold virtual conversation. Dunn says he created this blog to share his options and, "gage the feeling on campus on certain issues."

Say the word blog on campus and students at Murray State know just what you're talking about. "I think that it's really cool that he's doing that comes enough to even branch out and do that" said MSU student Kelly Mackin.    

"I think it's a really creative way to be more connected with the students" now that freshman Caleb Campbell knows about the blog he has a question in mind for the president.
"Maybe if the freshman could park up next to the dorms instead of down by the stadiums" said Campbell.    

President Dunn said there is no guarantee he can make all the changes students want, but he's willing to listen, take notes and eventually decide what he thinks is best for the university. "We have to get in the game if we are going to compete at getting these students" said Dunn.    

Because he wants the newest generation of racers to know, he's willing to do what it takes to get his students attention. President Randy Dunn says he plans to start a new topic of discussion about every seven days to keep it fresh.