Police say man holds girlfriend against her will and she shoots him

Police say man holds girlfriend against her will and she shoots him
By: Erica Byfield

McCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - Detectives McCracken County look into a bizarre shooting, we talk with the woman who made the frantic 911 call.

Debra Reed's the type of person who needs a strong cup of Joe in the morning "it's not what you want to wake up to, I had not even had my 1st cup of coffee."

But on Monday she did not get that option, 23-year-old neighbor Kayla Hayes was at the door begging for help. "My neighbor, a female, came into my house upset, thoroughly upset, hysterical, crying, my husband said call 911" Reed mentioned.

Minutes later the story started to unfold "she was saying that he was going to killer, they had been arguing all night" said Reed. 
Investigators with the sheriff's department say the ordeal started late Sunday evening.

Hayes got home and her boyfriend and business partner 57-year-old Harold Farmer was waiting. Police say Farmer held Hayes against her will for 7 hours with a gun.

Finally she got free and ran. Farmer caught her on the front lawn, they battled for the gun, it went off and a single bullet hit him in the abdomen. Neighbor Debra Reed tells me she can't believe this happened. "I've never seen them argue before he's a real easy to get along with, I've knew him quite a few years."

She went on to say he owns a gas station right up the road and sees both of them there quite often. The store was closed for the day, and says she can understand why, in an area of town where not too much happens they've had a wild morning. "I just keep saying I can't believe she shot him, that's what I keep saying to myself" said Reed. 

The investigation is not over; Harold Farmer underwent surgery Monday morning at Lourdes Hospital in Paducah.  Detectives plan to talk to him Tuesday morning.