Carterville man pays electric bill with 52,000 pennies

Carterville man pays electric bill with 52,000 pennies
By: Carly O'Keefe
CARTERVILLE, Ill. - A Carterville man wanted to give Ameren CIPS more than just his two cents about the recent rate hike. He's giving them 52,000 cents, by paying his electric bill entirely in pennies.
Hancock withdrew $525 dollars from his bank entirely in pennies. It was a large enough withdrawal he needed a pick-up truck to take it all home.
He sent his payment to Ameren CIPS in six flat-rate boxes through the United States Postal Service. But he didn't send nice, neat rolls of pennies. Hancock broke open each and every one of the 1050 rolls, to protest his electric bill that increased three times as much as it was this time last year from $193 to $522. "When my bill came, my first reaction was shock. That didn't last long. Then I got mad, and then I remembered: don't get mad, just get even," Hancock said.
If his protest helps lower electric bills, Hancock says, it'll be worth every penny. "I just want to inconvenience them, and hopefully get other people involved to the point that it'll be a hassle for them to collect money they send bills for," said Hancock.
Just how much postage did it cost to mail 315 pounds of pennies from Carterville to the Ameren P.O. Box in St. Louis?  Hancock paid $51.61 to ship the flat rate boxes and added delivery confirmation to make sure his penny payment is received.