Eyesores targeted In Heartland community

Eyesores targeted In Heartland community
By: Crystal Britt
TAMMS, Ill. - We've all been past them, and it probably wouldn't take long for you to list a few in your community. Eyesores - people love to hate them. In Tamms folks wonder if the town will ever take care of its rundown buildings. We're not saying Tamms has more eyesores than the next town. But, in the village cash is big issue. And Without it, those ugly sites will stay up.
Come to Tamms and places like Village Hall stick out. It's on the National Register of Historic Buildings. But, like most towns it also has its share of eyesores. "This little community was one of the nicest communities there was", said Janette Chaudoin.
Now many places have people in town shaking their heads. "I think it's nasty. I really do", said Tammy Bridges. A lot of people have complaints about one homeowner's yard and living conditions on 2nd Street.
One neighbor  said, "The trash, I don't think he has any water." We checked, he doesn't have any water, or power. Many people say it's a public health concern. But that's not the only issue. "We never had anything like this a few years back," said Janette Chaudoin. Chaudoin now has a big mess to look at from her backyard in the form of a vacant rundown home. "It downgrades our property if we went to sell... who's gonna buy?"
And who's going to do something about it and the rest of the rundown buildings in town? Mayor Carol Mitchell says it's all about money. The village has to pay for demolition. Mitchell says the board's gotten three buildings torn down so far.
Right now, she says the next demo on the list is that house in back of Janette's home. She says because of the money issue they'll just take one building at a time.