Local 4th graders chose new state fruit

Local 4th graders chose new state fruit
By: Carly O'Keefe
WOODLAWN, Ill. - Illinois senate bill 199 sprung from a very unique committee. Mr. Richardson's fourth grade class at Woodlawn Grade School concluded Illinois needed its own official state fruit, and worked to make it into law. "I said you guys start brainstorming on what we need to do to get a state fruit," said teacher Mark Richardson.
Fourth grader Holly Carroll went to work researching what fruit would be best to represent the Land of Lincoln. "I was looking on my computer at home and I found some apples that were grown in Illinois and the GoldRush Apple is the only one that's golden in color so I picked that one because I thought it was a good one," said Carroll.
At the time, the class was learning about how laws are made. The class sent a letter to Senator John O. Jones of Mount Vernon--which turned the students' idea for a state fruit into a bill that may soon become law.
In giving the state a new point of pride, the students also learned a little about state government in the process. "I think its cool that kids will have made up a law if this happens," said Carrol. "If this passes, one day they'll open up a book of Illinois, and it'll be there. And they'll kind of be part of history," said Richardson.
The bill has already had its first and second readings in the senate. A third reading is expected in the coming weeks.