Tearing down old eyesore houses in Marion

Tearing down old eyesore houses in Marion
By: Arnold Wyrick
MARION, Ill. - Marion's city leaders are keeping true to their word, unwanted eyesores around their town will be torn down. On Thursday morning, another old homes walls came tumbling down, on the corner of 13th & Fair Street.
Jon McAnelly, with Neat Cut demolished the home in less then two hours, to a pile of rubble.  But not without a little concern along the way. "You've got to worry about gas lines, electric lines, water lines, old wells and all kinds of stuff.  You've got to be careful that the walls don't fall in on top of you," McAnelly said.
Before the job is done, McAnelly will end up hauling more than 25-tons of waste from the old homestead.  It's all part of Marion's city leaders plans to clean up their town.
Among some of the on-lookers during the demolition, Lester Emery stopped by to see his former home hauled away. "It had out lived it's use-fullness.  It needed to be torn down.  I bought the house back in the 70's when I was running my concrete business.  Then I sold it to my son, and he and his wife lived in it for several years.
Now the lot will become part of two other parcels lining Illinois Route 13, where the old neighborhood is quickly becoming highly sought after real estate, by realtors. "All the property along Route 13 has become prime commercial property.  And they're going to tear down everything they can get close to, and then sell it for a big profit.  Just like they did west of town heading towards Carbondale," says Patrick Campbell of Marion.
And Campbell maybe right, several realtor signs can already be seen on the properties where other homes have been removed. A sign of the times as Marion's city leaders continue ridding their town of eyesores.