3/8/07 - Preventing Freezer Burn

Preventing Freezer Burn

Over the years, we've talked about how freezer burn can wreak havoc on our food if we don't store or wrap it properly. Well, it's time for us to brush up on this commonsense subject.

Has this ever happened to you: you pick up a pound of ground meat on sale at the market, then find you're too busy to cook it, so you throw it in the freezer in the store wrapper. A month later, you take it out and you see fuzzy, grayish-white spots all over it. Well, that's freezer burn. What was once a bargain is now headed for the trash bin along with your hard-earned cash!

Now truly, food with freezer burn isn't harmful for us to eat, but it usually loses taste and texture, so it won't ever be quite the same. It happens anytime air or moisture penetrates our food and dries it out, and the best prevention is so easy - simply wrapping food properly, and it only takes a few extra seconds.

Whether we use aluminum foil, plastic wrap, specially made freezer paper, plastic or disposable airtight containers, or even a vacuum sealer, most of our foods can be kept frozen for long periods without losing their quality. It sounds so simple, maybe that's why we don't think it's important. But we sure wouldn't empty our wallets in the trash, so why throw out good food?

The next time you have leftovers or bring home fresh food to freeze, wrap it up the right way. Then, when you reach for it next, it'll still have you saying...