Local author reflects on her first book

Local author reflects on her first book
By: Wes Wallace
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Gianetta Dunn remembers the stories her father wrote for her at Christmas time.  They were her most precious gifts. Gifts that inspired her to do the same for her kids.  Only now she's sharing that present with more than just her family.
With a newly published book hot off the presses, Dunn sat down with Heartland News to talk about her process.  What was going to be a few pages, grew and grew until they filled a thick binder.  Dunn flips through pages of notes and scribbles and script.  Nothing like what became the finished book, "The Prince and the Gift".
"I got the first three chapters finished and they were lame, they were lousy,"  recalls Dunn, "I was ready to die."
Then she started chapter four. "It just kind of did it's own thing after that.  I was more like watching it and reporting what happened than creating it,"  says Dunn.
When she finished writing, her English professor father edited the manuscript. "The Prince and the Gift" is a story about a Prince Rasheed and his Princess Hope.  It's a story of love, intrigue, good, and bad.
Gianetta says she gets lost in details, so she also had her husband help with the writing, by keeping the story and characters in his head. The book is the first in a series.