A New Diabetes Center Opens in the Heartland

About 16 million Americans live with diabetes each year, and it's a growing problem right here in the Heartland.  One Heartland hospital has good news to help diabetics in the area. Missouri Delta Medical Center in Sikeston is opening the Endocrine and Diabetes Clinic. It will staff one of two endocrinologists between St. Louis and Memphis.

The new center will help people like diabetic Willie Savage. Savage says, "My sugar level goes up and down. It will go up real high and make you sick, and then it goes real low and make you sick." It's a problem that Savage has been dealing with for 12 years. His diabetes has gotten so bad that he has to get kidney dialysis treatments four hours a day, three times a week. Diabetes has also robbed his ability to walk without a cane. "It's affected my legs," Savage says. "I don't have any feeling in my legs, it's really bad from my knees down. I even have problems walking." It's people like Savage that Missouri Delta Medical Center want to help. The hospital already has a diabetes center. In a few weeks, they'll have a diabetes clinic, led by endocrinologist Dr. Al-Kilani. Missouri Delta CEO Charles Ancell says, "We've had a lot of problems in this area with diabetes. It's a problem that can lead to serious consequences and we felt we needed t

The new diabetes clinic is on North Main Street, just down the road from Missouri Delta Medical Center. It may not open until February first, but people like Savage are excited it's coming, because it will help him, and other diabetics. Savage says, "I like the fact that Dr. Kilani will be there because he's a good doctor and he cares about people." Again, the diabetes clinic isn't scheduled to open until February first, but hospital staff will start accepting appointments to the clinic n