Deadly shooting in hospital raises security questions

Deadly shooting in hospital raises security questions
By: Holly Brantley
DONIPHAN, Mo. - Authorities in Southeast Missouri investigate a deadly shooting at a Heartland hospital. It happened Sunday night at Ripley County Memorial Hospital in Doniphan.
We don't know many details about the victim, or how the shooting took place. An autopsy is underway, and authorities say they don't suspect foul play.
However, everybody wants to know how the gun got inside in the first place. Signs that say 'No Firearms' are posted at every entrance. The hospital's director of nursing, Melanie Mobley, says someone clearly ignored those signs.
Around 8:30 p.m. Sunday night, she got a call informing her a patient was shot, and later died from his wounds. "It's unclear how the gun got into the hospital," said Mobley. "We're looking at holding an in service for staff to help them identify at-risk patients. The safety of staff and patients remains out number one concern."
According to Mobley, there was never any danger to staff, or other patients. She says to her knowledge, they've never had a weapon of any kind brought into the hospital. There are councilors on hand to help people cope with this incident that's left everyone involved very shaken.