Two Army Reserve buildings up for grabs

Two Army Reserve buildings up for grabs
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - Leaders in Paducah start the lengthy process of deciding who gets ownership of two US Army Reserve buildings.  As we found out the city's commissioners have their hands full because the city parks department and two local homeless shelters all want dibs.

With the reserve soldiers who work in Paducah relocating two of their old stomping grounds are up for grabs. The flag ship facility on Park Ave. and a smaller building on North 12 Street. "They still have to jump through the same hoops with the small facilities as they do a large one that they've done across the United States" said Mark Thompson with the Parks Department.

The federal government considers this a "base closing" so to get your hand on one of the facilities takes awhile. First someone has to be in charge of them and the federal government chose the city of Paducah as the "local redevelopment authority"; because they want to make sure buildings get used.

To date, three local organizations submitted applications. The city's Park Department, Merryman House - a rape crisis center, and Paducah Cooperative Ministries, a homeless shelter.

The Parks Department and Merryman House want the Park Ave. facility, while PCM would like the smaller building. The transition wont happen over night but eventually it's up to the city's commissioners will decide what organization gets what. "I would not want their job they have their own proposal basically on the table with 2 homeless shelters here in Paducah" said Adams.