YourTurn - 3/5/07

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Heartland viewer Terry Marshall:
"Why in heavens name does KFVS and other (stations) have so many reruns and too many commercials?"

Sharon Schlitt:
"Is there a reason the commercials and the news intros are so much  louder than the programs or the news.  It is very annoying!!!!!!!"
Mona Morales from Advance, Missouri:
"I never let my kids out of my sight when we went to a store...(they) did get upset with me because I did not let them wander.  Do these (parents) not watch the news?  Do they not see how many kids disappear everyday?  Parents do not keep a good eye on their (children)."

Rodney Lipe from Cape Girardeau:
"(Some) people are so lazy they park in the handicap parking spots and use either a fake handicap sign or a legitimate sign when no handicapped person is present in the vehicle...this happens everyday...these lazy people should be ashamed for using spaces reserved for those that are truly handicapped in some way."

Melissa Robinson from Piedmont, Missouri:
"My daughter had a person threaten her life.  I called the police of Wayne County and do you believe nothing has happened...this was back in November...I have called them and they say they will get back to far does a threat have to go for someone to do something about it?"

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