Ear Bags

Many of us hate wearing hats or earmuffs because they mess up our hair. You won't have that problem if you wear an Ear Bag instead.

We first told you about Ear Bags on last weeks newscast, when Steve Sotak actually tried them on. But one promptly fell off! "My ear bag fell off!" laughed Steve. "They're not supposed to fall off!"

Not a good start. So we went to the mall in Cape Girardeau to ask a few more volunteers what they think of the ear bag.

"You slide the curvy part around the ear lobe, then press it up against your head and it snaps on," Amy explained to Linda Long.  "It's probably hard with glasses. I didn't think of that." Even though it's a little awkward, Linda is enthusiastic about Ear Bags.

"I've been looking for these!" Linda exclaimed.  "I even went all over St. Louis trying to find them!"

Does she think they'll really keep her ears warm? "Yea, because I don't feel air going through like I did before I had them on."

Another tester agrees.  "They feel fine," says Ronnie Fischer, former mayor of Cape Girardeau. "I'd say the neatest thing is, you can put them right in your pocket. You can ear muffs, too, but these would be a lot smaller." Ronnie likes how you can wear them with hats, but admits he probably wouldn't wear them himself.

And neither would Don Shulte. "That already looks a little tough, doesn't it?" he says as he fiddles with the Ear Bags.  "All right, they're on! Ha ha ha! Now how long do I have to wear these?!"  Despite his amusement, Don admits Ear Bags would probably keep your ears warm.

Bonnie Potts got her first Ear Bag on right away. But she had some problems with the other side. So I take her shopping bags, to free-up her hands. "Okay, there," says Bonnie.  "You have to do the top of your ear first. I probably would like these because I could go inside and not take them off, and still hear."

Earmuffs hurt Bonnie's ears after a while. Are the Ear Bags any better? "They're a little bit tight at top," she says. "If I wore it for 15 to 20 minutes, they'd start hurting."

That's my feeling, too. So Ear Bags are awkward at first, and become uncomfortable after a few minutes. But once they're on right, they stay on pretty well. And they do keep your ears warmer. So we give Ear Bags a 'B.' Ear Bags cost about $12. You can order them online at earbags.com.