Heartland mother fights for her life

Heartland mother fights for her life
By: Crystal Britt
LITHIUM, Mo. - She's 25 and she's dying. Shannon McIntyre of rural Perryville, Missouri has melanoma cancer. She's been given only a couple months to live, but she has so much hope and faith.
"I'm afraid to sleep half the time at nighttime because I'm afraid I won't wake up the next day", said Shannon McIntyre.  It's a real life nightmare, one Shannon McIntyre lives every day. It all started a few years ago. Shannon noticed a black spot on her leg. She went to have it looked at...the diagnosis: melanoma. She had it removed, but it then spread to lymph nodes...later to her liver, heart, brain, and blood stream.  "I was scared, I just started crying." Shannon's mother says it all happened so quickly. "This has all been very devastating, this is killing me inside, me and her father", said Betty McIntyre. 
Shannon has so much to live for, she's the proud mother of 4-year old Mariah, 2-year old Cameron, and 1-year old Noah. The "what ifs" breaks her heart,  "I think, why does it have to be me, at this age, it worries me I don't understand", said Shannon. She says it didn't take long for little Mariah to understand something's wrong with mommy. "She's already told her bus driver, my mommy's really sick", said Shannon.  "I feel like you know, it's not suppose to happen this way, your children aren't suppose to go first before the parents, this is very hard", said Betty. 
Doctors gave Shannon 2 to 3 months at the most to live. She's planning to live out the rest of her days at her parents home surrounded by love and support.  "I try to play with the kids, spend time with my family", said Shannon. Despite her prognosis, Shannon believes God can heal her. "I'll fight it as much as I can."
Shannon's situation is even more difficult on the family because of their financial concerns. Right now there's no savings for a burial, and there's no money set aside for the children. So, the family needs help. Shannon's cousin Alisha Mayfield has put a lot of time and effort into organizing an upcoming benefit in Shannon's honor.
It's Saturday March 3rd at 7:00p.m. at Davis Banquet Center in Jackson, Missouri. It's a benefit dance and silent auction. Admission to the dance is a donation of $2.00 each, but more can be given at the door. Several local businesses have made donations.
For more information contact Alisha Mayfied at (573) 587-4631. There is also an account set up at 1st Community Bank that you can drop off or mail donations to.

Make checks out as: For the benefit of Shannon McIntyre.

Mailing Address:

1st Community Bank
17 S. Mount Auburn Rd.
Cape Girardeau, MO 63703