Gun found on student during school assembly

Gun found on student during school assembly
By: Ryan Tate
CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. -- Prosecutors charge 17-year-old Lanee May of Caruthersville with Unlawful Use of a Weapon after teachers found her trying to get rid of a small caliber handgun Monday.
Investigators say May saw that local police were using metal detectors to search students before a Black History Month Assembly at the Middle School. They believe that made May overreact, and they saw her run to a bathroom trying to get rid of the gun. A teacher found the gun in the bathroom and May was arrested without incident.
"We have heard rumors for two weeks of problems that may happen at this assembly," Caruthersville Chief of Police Chris Riggs said. "Because we did not take anything for granted and were proactive, we helped keep everyone safe."
"We have lost a few hours of teaching-time this week preparing for what might happen at this assembly," Superintendent Nick Thiele said. "But our proactive approach was worth it."
The investigation as to why May had the gun continues. Police are trying to figure out who the handgun belongs to.