Mistaken text message lands teacher in jail

KSP Trooper Barry Meadows
KSP Trooper Barry Meadows
Supt. Bob Rogers
Supt. Bob Rogers

Mistaken text message lands teacher in jail
By: Erica Byfield

MURRAY, Ky. - We've all dialed a wrong phone number, but that slip up landed one Heartland health teacher behind bars.
Police say 34-year-old Ann Greenfield mistakenly text messaged a Kentucky State Trooper trying to score marijuana.
"Trooper Pervine was in Paducah last night eating with his wife and his parents for her birthday and he started getting the text messages.  The first one says something about needing some green."
Trooper Barry Meadows says his colleague Trevor Pervine had at least 30 messages in his inbox.             
"He thought it was a couple of his buddies messing with him" said Meadows.
Turns out he was very wrong, Trooper Pervine called for back up, then drove to Murray to make the sale.  That's where he found Ann Greenfield waiting in a parking lot.
"Once she was there she knew something was not right and tried to back out of the transaction but of course it was too late, they stopped her and placed her under arrest" said Meadows.

Superintendent Bob Rogers calls the whole thing a total shock.  "Our number one priority is to ensure that the educational process is not disrupted."

Superintendent Rogers says part of Greenfield's curriculum as a PE and Health teacher is to teach students not to use drugs.  And since this story's made headlines, some of the students have had questions for administrators like: "why is Greenfield telling us not to do drugs when she's doing them herself?"
This story is getting local parents' attention too.
"She's teaching our children, yes that worries me," said Yvonne Giese.
"She's a school teacher she influencing our young ones," said Julie Treyburger.
Meanwhile, Trooper Meadows says this is the first time he can recall a drug arrest going down like this one. "This is the first time I can think of where someone uses a text message and got the wrong number."
Superintendent Rogers says Ann Greenfield is on paid leave until the school district completes its investigation.