Herrin man missing - family fears foul play

Herrin man missing - family fears foul play
By: Carly O'Keefe
HERRIN, Ill. - Dennis DeCoursey was known my many to be a little on the wild side. Now police are investigating him as a missing person. "It was nothing for him to be gone for a week and go on a run and drunk, don't get me wrong. But nothing like this," said DeCoursey's Aunt Lynn Frasier.
Frasier says she was like a second mother to the 41-year-old man. "Anywhere I made a home he made a home with me," said Frasier.
Now she's trying to find out what happened to him. Frasier has posted flyers all over Herrin, Johnson City, Royalton, Marion, and parts of Carbondale; asking anyone who's seen her nephew to call her--or contact police. "I just can't hardly stand it, the not knowing. It's keeping me tore up so bad," said Frasier.
Frasier last saw DeCoursey on December 31. He then reportedly spent a few days with friends around the New Year, but no one else has seen or heard from him since January 11. "Even then we thought he'd gone up to stay with a girlfriend in Vandalia so we still wasn't' worried," said Frasier.
Because of DeCoursey's somewhat transient, free-spirited nature, Frasier says at first she had a hard time convincing others he was actually missing. Now she fears something terrible has happened to her nephew, and hopes her fliers will at least bring closure to her family. Calls that have come in so far to the family, according to Frasier, have made claims that foul play may have been involved with DeCoursey's disappearance.
"I hope that he will come, bang on the window like he used to and holler ‘Aunt Lynn let me in', but I really don't expect him to. But if anybody knows anything, please call me. And if they know where his body is, out of decency, please, let me bring him home," Frasier said.  
DeCoursey is 6' 1", 170 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. He has bad knees and walks with a severe limp. Herrin Police say he's known to frequent local taverns. His aunt also says DeCoursey has a large tattoo of an orange tiger on his back.
Herrin Police ask you to call 618-942-2107 if you think you've seen Dennis DeCoursey, or know anything about the case.