Courthouse hoax lands two men behind bars

Courthouse hoax lands two men behind bars
By: Wes Wallace
JACKSON, Mo. - A bomb threat at the Cape Girardeau County Courthouse gives Jackson Police a very serious, but pretty easy case to solve.
"There was a threat that a man would come into the courthouse at nine this morning with a bomb in his shoe,"  says Jackson Police Chief James Humphreys, "Of course we take every threat seriously in this day and age."

Some quick detective work by Jackson investigators helped make not one, but two arrests. "The detectives actually recognized the voice of the caller because they deal with the individual so often, they were able to identify his voice,"  says Humphreys.

Prosecutors charged 23-year-old Duane Haffner and 21-year-old Leotis Allen with the Class C felony of making a terroristic threat.  Further charges are on the way from federal prosecutors.