9 ways to make your kids smarter

8 ways to make your kids smarter
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - Parents have a hard job, one that doesn't come with a hand book. So it may be helpful to hear some tips that can help make your child a whiz later on in life.

Here are nine tips that could help do the trick.

Getting your child active and interested in fitness is the first tip on our list. Whether its school yard fun like some little learners at 1st Christian pre school or organized sports kids learn leadership, teamwork and confidence skills when they break a sweat. "I'm bad a junking the junk food" Grandmother of two Cindy Engelhardt knows she needs to work on kicking the habit. Experts say if you cut sugar, Trans fats and other junk food from a child's diet you can do wonders for their mental and motor development.

Another tip on the list is make music because it engages the right side of a child's brain and it can help improve their IQ.

It may be hard to believe this next tip, but go ahead and let your child play with video games. "I think hand eye coordination with video games is great" said Engelhardt. "Video games is the most surprising tip, we try to limit computer time enough were they are exposed but we're not really video game advocates" said parent Laura Knerr.    

All sorts of games can help with your child's strategic thinking and promote creativity. Pre school director Kay Holland told me there's one tip not on the list she would recommend to parents remember "they are learning all the time so whatever you're doing with them you're teaching them."

A few other tips are: play mind games, encourage curiosity, think about breast feeding, read to kids often and make sure they always eat a healthy breakfast.