Resolution Resolve: Keeping Promises to Yourself in the New Year

Every year, millions make New Year's resolutions and losing weight is the most common. But

it turns out most have no resolution resolve. In fact a recent survey shows two-thirds of women will resolve to lose weight, 90% will fail at their goals and 69% will give up on their resolution by March.

aren't the only ones having problems, men are too. Hard work and an even harder diet, that's most people's idea of how to get in shape, but for most it doesn't need to be that hard. Here are five easy ways to stick to your resolution!

"I'm starting out regularly again. I've gotten to the point I have to get out there again," Fred Poston says. One step at a time, Poston is fulfilling his New Year's resolution. But he's no stranger to the gym, he's just resolved to get there more often, one step towards a healthier lifestyle. Universal Health and Fitness is packed with people who want to do the same thing, lose weight and live healthier. Whether you work out in the gym or somewhere else, you need to keep one thing in mind, it may take a while before you see results. Dr. GeorgAnne Syler says, "I think that we think a diet is something that you can go on and get quick success and then go off of it. It's not like that, you really have to make a long term commitment, even a lifetime commitment."

But don't jump in head first, the biggest tip for beginners is act gradually. Don't overdo it at first. Making exercise too hard can discourage you from getting back to the gym. Make strategies with your food plans. Tell yourself you'll eat certain foods at certain times in the day, like fruits at breakfast and lunch and vegetables at dinner. Be realistic. Don't set your goals too high. Make a workout plan that you feel comfortable with. Be positive. Tell yourself that you can fulfill your goal. You also need to know about portion distortion. When you go out to eat, share a meal with a friend. Or don't eat everything and take your leftovers home. This will help you cut down your calories. If you don't keep your resolution to start living a healthier lifestyle, don't get discouraged. It's never too late to start back up again.