2007 Nissan Sentra

Shake up expectations

This Sentra is all about you. Made to keep up and take on your life. A powerful new engine with advanced suspension keeps you ahead of the curves. Plus two transmissions to choose from, are you a revolutionary or do you prefer to rev happy? Lots of clever storage makes bringing it along no big deal, whatever "it" might be. And of course, all the advanced Nissan technology you'd expect, in one easy on the MPG package. Smart, powerful and ready for anything.

Driving Dynamics

This Sentra keeps up. A powerful new engine is as smart as you are, with an advanced suspension to help keep you ahead of the curves. And two transmissions to check out. Packed with Nissan performance, yet thrifty at the gas pump.

Sentra's all-new 140-hp 2.0-L 4-cylinder engine revs right past shy. 140 hp is more accessible than ever, and low-end torque will soon be your best friend. With a lightweight, all-aluminum core, weight is down and muscle is up. While performance-enhancing technologies like microfinished camshafts increase your smooth factor, continuously variable valve timing makes for more power and efficiency. All while averaging a competitive mpg of around 36. No gas hogging here. Just fun, and all the road you can handle.

The Xtronic CVTTM (Continuously Variable Transmission) gets you to that "sweet spot" faster. CVT is a virtually "gearless" transmission. It keeps the engine performing at optimal rpm, for instant power and efficient cruising with maximum fuel economy. You're in for one quick rush of linear acceleration and a super-smooth ride.

Control is also king and this 6-speed keeps you close to the action. Triple-cone synchronizers in first and second make for brisk and precise shifting. While a smaller rpm drop with each upshift means a more seamless response to your demands. Rev happy.

Exterior Features

Sentra's different. Redesigned for your life, and ready to take on fun. Practical, yes. Special, of course. A modern view of style and substance. You're free to go far and this Sentra is easy to enjoy.

Sentra's unique multi-reflector halogen headlights make sure you're hard to miss and the head-turning taillights are only part of this sleek package. Make an entrance, and an exit. The 16" alloy wheels, made of lightweight aluminum, with 7 spokes to show off your unique sense of style.

Interior Features

Versatile and generous, with your life in mind. Sentra gets it. And gives you everyday conveniences for almost every occasion. Clever storage and room for friends. So pack with gusto and let the road-tripping begin.

With the Integrated Overhead CD holder built right in, it lets you store 8 CDs in the available integrated holder. Magnets hold it in place behind the visor. Always within easy reach, your music goes where you do. The Driver Storage Bin gives your favorite shades a place of their own. This driver-handy compartment with flocked lining is also perfect protection for your shiny new phone or essential PDA. The Center Console with adjustable front cup holders allow you to drink, play, & talk. An adjustable divider moves to make room for two cups or a monster 32 oz. Then slide it out of the way for DVDs or video games. And it's always nice to have a place for your phone.

60/40-split Folding Rear Seats maximize your flexibility with seats that split and fold flat. This pass-through opening is extra-wide with a high interior arch. Mountain bikes, luggage, and more - bring it along. Our Divide-N-HideTM provides convenience and privacy. The available Divide-N-HideTM Trunk System creates a hidden compartment for valuables and prevents rolling around. You can access the space from the cabin, and it even has bag hooks built right in.

For more information on this practical & multifunctional car, be sure to contact Crown Nissan for a scheduled test drive today - 478 Siemers Drive in Cape Girardeau. Call 573.334.9611