Harrisburg school board calls for cuts to sports

Harrisburg school board calls for cuts to sports
By: Ryan Tate
HARRISBURG, Ill. - The Harrisburg board of education ordered the district's athletic director to cut twenty percent from all sports at the high school and the middle school for the upcoming school year. The board faces a $1.8 million debt.
At Tuesday's board of education meeting, the board cut an additional $120,000. Two weeks ago they proposed cutting $330,000 from the budget.  All of the proposed cuts will be negotiated with the Harrisburg teacher's union before the March board of education meeting.

More than 120 people attended Tuesday's meeting, many hoping sports would not be on the chopping block. "That is why me and my family live in Harrisburg, is because of the education opportunities, and that includes sports," Todd Boone said.

"We understand that cutting twenty percent from every sports is going to effect each sport differently," superintendent Dennis Smith said. "The board has been forced to make some hard choices, but I think everyone involved has worked hard to get things done."
To offset the district's debt, voters head to the polls in April to decide if they want to back a one million dollar bond issue. If it passes, the money goes toward paying off the district's debt.