Police say brothers shot and killed cousin

Police say brothers shot and killed cousin
By: Erica Byfield

MAYFIELD, Ky. - Police in Mayfield say two men are behind bars for the murder of 19-year-old Gerald Pittman junior and, they say they are his cousins. "Gerald had just been introduced to one of them as his cousin last year" said Pitman's mother who remembers this conversation like it was yesterday, "when he brought him to my house he thought he was just a friend and I told him that was his cousin."

When Jocelyn Jackson told her son that his friend was really his cousin she never dreamed the teens would get into a feud that left her son shot and bleeding on a Mayfield street corner. "I feel very upset" Jackson said after a press conference regarding her son's death.

A few hours after Gerald Pitman died police arrested his cousin 18-year-old Darren Dalton. We are told multiple eye witnesses pointed him out as the triggerman; his brother 19 year old James Dalton faces charges of complicity to murder. "I just want to reassure the citizens of Mayfield that we have the right suspects charged and the evidence to the support the case" said lead detective Brian Morrison.

Police found the murder weapon a block from the scene and two officers spent a portion of Monday searching through a creek and the back yards of homes in the neighborhood where it happened.

This story of family on family crime is all anyone here is talking about. "It's sad because he's just a kid growing up had not even matured yet" said Ethelene Carmon-Moss.

"Scared, shocked I hated to hear it because I know the little boys mother, I went to school with her" said Deeneen Moss.
Jocelyn Jackson said she appreciates the thoughts and prayers but all she wants now is for one of the boys to tell her why they killed her son "I still need closure on why it happened."
Gerald Pittman's mother also said son recently went back to school and would have graduated with his diploma June 22nd, his 20th birthday.