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Britney Spears Makes Changes

Britney Spears Makes Some Changes
By: Stephanie Byars

Britney Spears had one weird weekend.  On Friday night, she went to a Los Angeles hair salon where eyewitnesses say she shaved her own head.  Then she went to a tattoo parlor and got inked.  One on her hip and one on her wrist.  This was after she reportedly checked in to a rehab center in the Carribean.  Then checked out the next day.

What in the world is going on with Britney?  Some are speculating this is the pop star's way of showing the world she's ready for a change in her life.

That's something we can all relate to.  Sometimes when we go through a personal change, like divorce... maybe hitting the big 40, we feel a need to make a physical change for the world to see.  That can be anything from shaving your head to buying a new car to moving to a new location.

So we want to know what kind of change you went through at a turning point in your life!

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