Sweethearts for sixty years

Sweethearts for sixty years
By: Holly Brantley
JACKSON, Mo. - In honor of Valentine's Day, we bring you stories that touch your heart. A couple from Jackson talk about what brought them together, and kept them together for six decades.

Will and Thelma Wade say World War Two brought them together, but when they found each other, they found peace. In fact, they hardly spend a moment apart. "We get up together, we eat together, we go to the fitness center together," said Wade. "We've never really ever been separated," Thelma said. "We just get up and live everyday like it's a special occasion," said Will.

And, that's how it's been since they met in 1945. Will was in the Navy, stationed in Virginia. One night a waitress he knew asked him to escort her and some friends out for the evening. That's how he met Thelma, and the rest is history. "We connected," said Will. "I like the way he danced," said Thelma. "I love to dance. He was a good dancer."

They were married December 6, 1946. "We just like to be together," said Will.

Will says their mutual respect for each other just comes naturally. They say their secret is truly loving and enjoying life. "I never wanted to go anywhere that he didn't go with me," said Thelma. "I wanted to be with him and I always have."

Will is 85, and Thelma is 81. They are retired and live in Jackson. Three children, and a number of grandchildren and great grandchildren keep them active. They also work out together five days a week.
Their advice to other couples: be patient, and never go to bed mad.