Woman's body found in house for sale

Woman's body found in house for sale
By: CJ Cassidy
POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. - How did Paula Dover die? That's the question friends, family and investigators want answered after discovering Dover's body in a house - up for sale.
Autopsy results are expected Wednesday morning. A potential home buyer found 41-year-old Dover's body inside a vacant house on Fairmont Street Monday evening. He called police.
The buyer was by himself and because we agreed to protect his identity we won't reveal his name.  The Poplar Bluff businessman buys and sells houses and looks at several everyday. He's been in several dark basements by himself, but after stumbling across a body says he'll never do it alone again. "I pushed back door open there was a white female lying face down on the back room with her jeans pulled down around her ankles," he says, recalling the sight he'll never forget.
"I kind of freaked out. I ran back to truck didn't have time to look around didn't know if anyone else was in the house or not," the businessman says.
Police spent hours at the vacant home, and also next door at the apartment where Dover lived. So far though, no arrests, and investigators wouldn't comment on whether there were any obvious signs of injuries on Dover's Body.
Still, Dover's neighbors offered details they hope help police with their investigation. "She ran around with a rough crowd," Ronald Nelson says.
He found Dover's cell phone lying outside, Saturday morning - almost three days before her body was discovered. "I knocked on her door two or three times each morning between Saturday and Sunday stuff like that, and left a note on her door," Nelson says.
Across the street, Michael DePeluso remembers meeting Dover for the first time. He says she had been badly beaten up. "She had a couple of cuts under her eyes her forehead, cheek, her lip. It was really bad. There were a lot of bruises," he says.
Now friends and neighbors hope Dover's family gets the answers they want.
As for that businessman, he still plans on making a bid for the house. "I'm still in the market for it. But as investigators say it could be several months before it can be bought," he says.
The Butler County Major Case Squad was activated Monday evening. and police are following up on every lead they get.
If you have any information you think might help, please call the Poplar Bluff Police Department at (573) 785-5776.