Police make more arrests for thefts at Ingram Barge

Police make more arrests for thefts at Ingram Barge
By: Erica Byfield

McCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - Police arrested two other Ingram Barge workers for stealing more than $100,000 in company property.  Tuesday we learned how some upper level workers in the company managed to steal so much stuff without anyone catching on.

"These are items you would only find on a barge line or a big tractor trailer" said Detective Robert Caskey, looking over the items he says officers found in Joseph Valch's garage.  
On February 6th Valch turned himself into law enforcement after he was charged with receiving stolen property. 

As the days pass the plot thickens in this theft scheme; since the original bust police learned other managerial and skilled employees like Joseph Taylor and Lester Moore got in on the action. "These people had jobs with the company that it is not unusual for them to load things on a company truck and take it from one place to another" said Caskey.

He says the suspects in this case stole the goods a number of ways. Like ordering more of a certain item the company needed and holding on to the extras. "Sometimes they would miss-order something and it wouldn't be exactly what they wanted and it never did make it back to the company they ordered it from" said Caskey.

Also, occasionally the suspects would see something on a boat they wanted and later used a company truck to haul it home.

In a shocking twist other missing items in the Ingram fleet are back on the shelves. "We do know Ingram Barge had tools mysteriously turn up that had been missing for months... just all of a sudden they're back in the shop" said Caskey.

Using the evidence collected Caskey's confident the suspects stole from the company since 2002. He adds and now that a team of law enforcement's logged, tagged and priced the items, they're working on getting it all back to Ingram and building the case against all the employees involved. 

Police also charged other Ingram employee, Sean Vaugh, in the theft.