Roses for Your Valentine?

Roses for Your Valentine?
By: Holly Brantley

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. --Does a rose smell just as sweet, no matter how much you pay for it? Prices go alone with demand and demand blooms big before Valentine's Day.
Still, nothing says Valentine's Day like roses. That's probably why the flowers ranks among the most popular Valentine's Day gifts year after year.
"Roses are a big hit of course," said Wendy Ray Durham of Magnolia Market. "Some guys like to do it differently. Tulips are a huge hit. Chocolates are also big."
Wendy says most of her customer's know their wife or girlfriend's favorite color or flower, and request arrangements with a personal touch.
"It's just always seems to go hand and hand," said Wendy. "Chocolates, and flowers."
While the partnership between roses and Valentine's comes at a price, the guys don't seem to mind. Well, most of them don't anyway.
"It's too expensive," said Chris Thompson. "I think they're  nuts."
"I think they're too expensive," said Molly Davis. "But I wouldn't mind getting some. Especially if it's a surprise."
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Some would-be-Valentine's pointed out their favorite ideas:
"I like the sports tickets idea," said Thompson.
"Pampering services would be my favorite," said Davis.
"Tickets to the ballet," said Brenna Schlader. "That would be kind of cool because girls like to get dressed up and go out."