Gigglebug Child Locator

Does it Work Wednesday
Gigglebug Child Locator
By: Lauren Keith

It's every parent's worst nightmare: a missing or lost child.  A new, low-tech safety device promises to help ease some of that worry.  The Gigglebug Child locator promises you can find  your child with the press of a button.
"There you go!" says Melissa Baer of Jackson, as she clips the Gigglebug onto her daughter's shirt. 
The Gigglebug is shaped like a ladybug.  The "bug" goes on your child's clothing, and parents hold the separate button, or clip it onto a keychain. 
"This might be handy. You lose track and you think about things and they run off," says Melissa.
The Gigglebug apparently works on the same "locating" principle as a cordless phone finder. Parents hold the cordless device.  If a child wanders away, the parent presses the button, and the Gigglebug should sound off.
"We're going to play a game, ok?" Melissa tells her daughter, Ashlyn.
Let's call that game the "Does it Work" version of Hide and Seek. First, we start small. I'm on one side of the merry-go round in West Park Mall; the Baer's are on the other.  I press the button, and...
"Beep, beep, beep!" sounds the Gigglebug.  I can clearly hear the device from not too far away.
So far so good, but the Gigglebug claims you can hear it from 75 to 100 feet away indoors. That might be hard to hear with all the activity inside the mall. Let's see. I move away from the merry go round, and tell the Baer's to head somewhere else in the mall.
When I pressed the Gigglebug from about 75 feet away, I couldn't hear anything, but when I moved closer, things changed.  From about 30 feet away, I could start to hear that beep. I found the Baer's in Playtown. Next, Melissa and I trade places.
"You found me, Mommy!" shouts Ashlyn as she spots her mother. 
So, a successful game of Hide and Seek here, for the most part. The Gigglebug didn't exactly live up to the 75 feet claim in this busy mall, but Melissa still likes the product's concept.
"I think it'd be worthwhile for $20.  If it costs any more than that, I'd have to re-think it. I'm not sure if I'd be diligent in putting it on her, but for a shopping trip or a day out, I'd have her wear it out," says Melissa.
So, the $20 Gigglebug isn't perfect, but definitely not something to laugh at. It gets a "B" on this Does it Work test.   I bought it online at