Shooting was a close call for family

Shooting was a close call for family
By: CJ Cassidy

SIKESTON, Mo. - A close call for a Sikeston woman and her three toddlers after someone opened fire on their home. That's not all, police believe the same shooter may have shot at a second Sikeston home soon afterwards.

Police don't have any suspects but believe the shootings are connected. One of the victims says she's thanking her lucky stars she and her babies are still alive. "I just started seeing glass shooting out. All I can do was grab my babies and snatch drag them to the back of the building," Dorrena Calvin says. She says she didn't think the hail of bullets would ever stop as she pulled her three toddlers out of harm's way. "It could have been my head as we were running through the house," she says pointing to a hole in the wall.

The shooter's bullets cut a path through Calvin's walls, passing through her closet in one place, another lodging in her TV. Two others tore into a cushion where one of her babies had sitting moments before. "I was scared and crying, and all I could think about was the safety of my kids," Calvin says.

She believes the shooter may have been someone she dated many years ago, and while police don't have anyone in custody, they depend on victims to help them make an arrest. "They're starting to recognize we can offer help if they need to get out of the situation," Captain John Martin with the Sikeston Department of Public Safety says.

Statistics point to violent crime on the rise in Sikeston. Police investigated five homicides last year - the most they've seen in nine years. Still, investigators aren't discouraged. "It's a lot safer than in the past, with our current director. Back in the day, there were times reports would be boxed up and not followed through to be prosecuted," Martin says.

Investigators also count on eye witness reports to put criminals away and Dorrena Calvin hopes the same is true of her case. "I pray they'll get him off the streets before it happens to somebody else or he comes back to do it to me," she says.

Calvin tells me her sister once lived at the other home the shooter fired at. No injuries are reported there either. If you have any information you think might help, please call the Sikeston Police Department.