Seven Wonders of Illinois

Seven Wonders of Illinois
By: Carly O'keefe

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS --Little Egypt may not have the Pyramids of Giza as one of its wonders, but many attractions can now compete to be among the Seven Wonders of Illinois.
The Illinois Bureau of Tourism has launched an on-line promotion where folks can nominate their favorite spots in the Land of Lincoln. It can be anything: statues, museums, parks or even cheesy roadside attractions.
We took a poll of southern Illinois spots folks think should make the list.
"I'd say down south here, definitely the Shawnee Wine Trail and maybe Garden of the Gods, would be a nice place," said Leon Dangbar of Alto Pass. "There's also Giant City State Park, and of course stop in the Giant City Lodge for the fried chicken."
"Garden of the Gods is beautiful, but I think there's so much more down here," said Holly Walters of Carbondale. "Herrin pond, down where the cypress trees are, that's great in southern Illinois. Also the Pomona Natural Bridge and Giant City is my favorite park."
"Really in our region we're lucky to have so many outdoor spots, and of course Bald Knob Cross is a spot that a lot of people visit, and some of them marvel at, and it's been there a lot of years," said Mike Kelley, manager of the Giant City Lodge in Union County.
"Definitely bald knob cross," said Jackie Grammer of Alto Pass. "It's beautiful up there and folks who've never been there should go there, and they'll realize what a wonder it is."

To nominate a destination to be one of the Seven Wonders of Illinois, check out the Illinois tourism bureau website at