YourTurn - 2/12/07

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Dave Phillips from Murphysboro, "Seat belts (should be) on buses and also on trains.  When I travel to Chicago I am very nervous knowing that I am not secure in the seat in the event of a derailment...what can we do as citizens to make something happen..." 
Melissa Stevens from Dexter, "It is mandatory for us to wear seat belts in our PERSONAL is mandatory for the school bus driver...but one is not even provided for my child.  After the accident in Jefferson County that sent 26 students to the hospital shouldn't the school be fined for each child that was not wearing a seat belt?"
Paula Pearson from Risco, "I can't believe the government is trying to make it (mandatory) to give our little girls the cervical vaccine.  This is such a new drug and hasn't been tested out on small children.  What happens in 20 years when they find out they made a mistake and our little girls are the ones who will have to suffer..."
Larry McCann from Poplar Bluff, "I want to express my personal disgust at the hypocritical way Hall of Fame voters treated former St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire...during the 1998 season of magic, there wasn't a single voice decrying McGwire's prowess or calling for investigations into why he hit baseballs father and more frequently...if such a non-baseball standard is going to be used to prevent retired players...from entering the Hall, maybe the Baseball Writers Association should order all living enshrined members to certify under oath that they never did anything during their entire careers that was illegal or unethical."

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