Reveal Bulb

Are you tired of dingy light that gives your room a yellow glow? Reveal light bulbs claim to filter out that yellow tint, helping you see things in a whole new light.

At first glance, you don't notice a difference in our two test lamps. But one has a bulb that shines whiter, making the shade glow white. The other one has a yellowish tint. It has a regular light bulb in it.

Niki Hennrich and Cheryl Dietrich are going to tell us what, if any, difference they see as they read with both bulbs. They start with Reveal. "It looks crisper, brighter," says Niki. "I think it looks clearer," agreed Cheryl.

But would they have noticed the difference without being told it's a new light bulb? "I don't think so. No," they both say.

So Niki and Cheryl move over the lamp with the traditional bulb. They can see some difference, but say it's not significant. "It's got more of a gold tint to it," Cheryl explains. "It's not as bright as it was with the new bulb."

We notice Cheryl's skin tone under the traditional bulb looks a little flushed. But under the Reveal bulb, her skin looks more like it does outside. Our photographer Ron Wilson explains that most incandescent lights have a yellow tint. Our eyes naturally filter some of it out. But the Reveal bulb does that for us, making it look more like outside lighting.

Again, you can see the difference with a magazine. We took two Polaroids without a flash. The one under Reveal bulbs is definitely whiter. But the difference is not that noticeable to the naked eye.

So there's no doubt Reveal does filter out yellow tint. But does that mean we should naturally prefer the new bulb? "I hate to be confusing, but it just depends," says Niki. "This traditional light is better for romantic scenes. You may want something softer. In rooms that provide more of a comfort atmosphere, you might want a little bit of softness, a bit of yellow." But Niki goes on to say Reveal bulbs with crisper, cleaner light may be good in bathrooms and kitchens.

The bottom line -- Reveal bulbs do work. Whether or not they're worth several dollars more than regular bulbs is up to you. We give Reveal an 'A.'