Police charge barge worker with stealing $100,000 in company goods

Police charge barge worker with stealing $100,000 in company goods
By: Erica Byfield

McCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - According to a Department of Commerce study one third of all employees steal from their employers.

Police say one heartland man got caught doing it.    
We're told Joseph Vlach stole nearly 100 thousand dollars in merchandise from Ingram Barge in Paducah, but the most interesting part may be the way investigators tracked him down.
It's a nine hour drive from Mississippi to Paducah.
That's where Detective Robert Caskey says Joseph Vlach was when they served a search warrant on his home.
When officers pulled up his garage doors they found the jackpot!
"You could go to a persons garage like my own, I'll have tools in my garage but I'll have one of what I need I don't have 25 hammers, I don't have 3 welders, I don't have tons of blow torches... that's the way it is here" said Caskey. 
Vlach s a high paid employee for Ingram, he's worked for the company for 17 years and brings home a six figure salary.
Caskey says so far in the investigation it looks like Vlach started stealing from the company 5 years ago.
"We had a tip this was going on and one tip lead to another and before it was over with we're able to come up with two items that was bought and never made it to the barge company" said Caskey. 
In the below freezing temperatures Ingram employees spent the morning loading up two semi trucks of goods.
And now police had to track down their suspect.
Caskey says they put a trace on the rental car Vlach used to get back to the heartland.
Then officers checked Ingram headquarters on Third Street and Vlach's home to see where he would go first.  
As luck would have it he turned himself in. 
Then police handcuffed Vlach and charged him with one count of receiving stolen property. 
Caskey adds this investigation is far from over because they need to find out if anyone else is involved and how Vlach managed to move 100,000 dollars in Ingram property without anyone catching on.
Detective Caskey adds some of the property Joseph Vlach stole had the word "Ingram" painted on the side which made it a dead give way it did not belong to him.