Delta mayor resigns

Delta mayor resigns
By: Holly Brantley
DELTA, Mo. - All the talk in delta is about the mayor resigning. Carol Collins stepped down after the Cape Girardeau County Prosecutor's office investigated her for nepotism.
So far, reaction in Delta is mixed. But, residents do agree on one thing. They all want a mayor who will make a difference in Delta.
"I don't think it was fair," said Sheila Kittrell. "She's the most honest person they could've had in Delta."
Some say it's hard to avoid nepotism in a small town like Delta. "If you dig deep enough, you'll find out everybody's related to everybody," said Rick Cobb.
Either way, people hope to push these problems aside quickly to focus on the things that they say really need attention.
A public meeting is scheduled for February 19th. Bonnie Bradshaw, interim mayor, says a new mayor will likely be appointed at that time.