Bar fight sends one man to intensive care

Bar fight sends one man to intensive care
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - A Paducah nightclub, Froggy's, is in the middle of another police investigation. Officers tell Heartland News an evening of fun turned horrific when a fight broke out in the men's restroom.  We followed story and learned how this is latest incident is just another on a long list of problems at the bar. 

Froggy's is a hot spot on the weekends and according to a few of the officers who patrol the streets it is not uncommon to get call to break up a fight or deal with a person who is intoxicated. This latest bar brawl proves the point, one person suffered minor injuries, another is fighting for his life and the suspect is still on the loose.
You could call it a combination effect alcohol, music and someone with a quick temper.
According to the police report one of the victims, Joshua Mitchell, recalls standing in the restroom over the weekend when a man he didn't know suddenly became angry and punched him in the mouth.
Then the suspect turned a repeatedly struck another male, 26 year old Kenneth Reese, in the head and face; fracturing his jaw and skull and busting his right ear drum.
"That's a little more than you get out of a typical bar fight, but it can occur" said Sergeant Detective George Johnson who is investigating the case. 
Mitchell went on to tell police he ran from the bathroom and saw the suspect dressed in a clay brown jacket fleeing from the bar. 
Froggy's does not have security cameras in the restroom so detectives figure this out the old fashion way "Bar fights are always hard because the potential for some many people to be involved and so many stories" added Johnson. 
With the list of altercations at Froggy's increasing nearly every weekend Johnson says as soon as they find the suspect he'll be pleased to scratch this case of his list.
Johnson also said officer have responded to 12 fights a Froggy's since November of last year.