More snow makes for a fun weekend for some

More snow makes for a fun weekend for some
By: CJ Cassidy
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Roads slick from the snow led to some accidents around the heartland, but police in Southeast Missouri say they were pleasantly surprised to see so few this year.
Emergency workers too, say they had hardly any snow related injuries this weekend, but the white stuff did make an impact on some people. "Every time they call for even a little snow we've been wishing and wishing and wishing," Roy Diamond says.
He and his sons finally got their wish when they woke up to see a snow covered landscape Sunday morning. "I've been waiting a lot of days!" Five-year-old Matthew says.
Call it the perfect warm-up for the marathon event of the night, when Roy and the kids finally have their fill of sledding. But Matthew and three-year-old brother Mason weren't about to let their runny noses or frigid temperatures get in the way of a good time.
"We'll be out here till the Super bowl starts. Maybe not that long, but we'll be out here for a while," Diamond laughs.
Of course not everyone's crazy about the white stuff. Brandi Brashear showed up to work at a downtown restaurant only to realize she was up for shoveling duty. "I've gone my entire life without having to do this. I guess my time was finally up," she says as she cleaned.
Brashear moved to Southeast Missouri from Florida, so she wasn't prepared for the little pitfalls. "My feet are starting to go numb," she moans.
Then, just as she cleans off one end of the sidewalk, Old Man Winter tosses her a curve ball - make that a snowball in this case, as all the snow on the awning gives way, covering her sidewalk again. "I guess I have to start over now huh?" she grumbles walking back.
Ironically, starting over's what the diamond boys enjoy the most, as we leave them to tumble around in the snow.
They're keeping their fingers crossed they'll be able to use their sled one more time before winter ends.
Police ask you to be careful when you take part in winter activities. They say try to avoid isolated areas, and always let someone know where you are going to be.
They also ask you avoid sledding onto busy roadways or skating on to thin ice on ponds and lakes.