Dexter School Bus Accident

Dexter School Bus Accident
By: Holly Brantley

DEXTER, Mo. --Slippery roads and a skidding school bus. It could have been worse, but parents say it should've been handled better.
The accident happened Thursday morning around 7:20 a.m. when the driver reported hitting a slick spot, and slide through the intersection of two county roads in Dexter.
Students suffered only minor injuries.
Parents say their main concern involves what didn't happen following the accident. They feel they should've been told more quickly about the accident and the condition of their children.
"I flew forward. It was scary," said 12-year old Merena Smith. Merena and her sister Keely, were on the bus. The accident was only minor. None of the students on board suffered serious injuries. But, still the girls were emotionally and physically shaken up.
"I hurt my back," said Merena.
"I hit my head," said Keely. "I had a headache and my leg is kind of in pain."
"I thought we would be killed," Merena added.
Parents, Serina and Richard Smith, say they know the accident could've been much worse. But, they aren't happy with the way school officials handled the situation.
The Smith's say Keely wasn't checked out until Thursday afternoon, hours after the accident happened. Serina also wishes someone would've called her sooner. "I never got a phone call on my daughter in high school," said Serina. "She wasn't even checked out until after sixth hour."
"I mean, they should've called upon getting back to school," said Richard Smith.
Keely and Merena say they had to walk nearly a thousand feet to the next bus that would take them to school. Parents wonder if they should've held classes at all.
"I'm upset that they don't check the road properly," said Serina.
Transportation Director Kent Polsgrove says the district stands by its decision to hold classes. He says the pictures of the accident look much worse than it actually was. A day after the crash there's only minor damage the school bus.
Meanwhile, the Smith's say they hope the girls don't have to go through another accident like this one.
"I just would like to know protocol. I would like something established," said Serina.
School administrators and parents credit the bus driver with preventing the accident from being much worse.
A letter explaining the accident was sent home to parents after school.  Meanwhile, Polsgrove says he and Superintendent Dr. Ken Jackson, will continue to work in the best interest and safety of the students.