Crumbling Levees

Crumbling Levees
By: Erica Byfield
BROOKPORT, Il. --The Army Corps of Engineers released a list stating that two levees in Southern Illinois, one in Massac County and another in Gallatin County, are in an equally "unacceptable" condition.
Mayor Ada Copley says the broken levee makes her nervous "it should being going underneath there and that lets me know it's not doing the right thing."
Mayor Copley has a routine; she checks this levee, before work, at lunch, after work and at least once on Saturday's and Sunday's.
"It doesn't look very good" she mentioned.
Leaders with the Army Corps of Engineers agree, they believe in the near future this levee will collapse and potentially flood the city.
"I'm sure it's holding back quite a bit now, more than we realize, the thing of it is how much pressure is this going to take with all those holes in the liner" said Copley.
The mayor's seen the problem.  It should cost $1-million to fix the pipes, money the Mayor Copley hopes comes from federal funds.
"I have some restless night; yes I do, because you have all these citizens you're responsible for" she added.
Citizens like Bob Barnes and Alan Russell who both live less than a minute drive away from the crumbling levee.
"I think we need it fixed" said Russell.
"I would say lets get it fixed as soon as possible" said Barnes.
Mayor Copley says her plan is to wait and hope the levee doesn't give way before the federal government gives her money to repair the structure.
Aside from the two levees in the heartland needing repair, the Corps of Engineers identified 120 others in the United States at risk of failing.