YourTurn - 2/5/07

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Angela Alcorn from Jackson: "It's a disgrace that there are members of society who will arrest a distressed rape victim due to petty outstanding crimes while the perpetrator runs free. Should there not be some sort of protocol for handling such situations? I believe there should be."
Julia Houseman of Mounds, Illinois writes, "If I was applying for credit through an insurance agency, then they should have the right to base it on my credit score, but I don't apply for a loan, I apply for insurance."
Dennis Taylor from Jackson says, "I'm writing about the number of prescription drug ads on TV.  The ads in question use cute things like bumble bees and robots to market their product, which appeal to children. Everyone in the ads are portrayed as being very happy. Perhaps they should show people suffering from the side effects of these drugs."
Kimi Royer from Fredericktown, Missouri says, "The public school system will tell you that there has been a decline in respect since they aren't allowed to paddle students anymore. Spanking worked for me, and my children didn't feel abused. They are not perfect, they have to learn by their mistakes, but they are not criminals."

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