YourTurn - 1/29/07

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Victoria Ross from Poplar Bluff writes, "Why is Congress wasting time and money to pass a law making it illegal for a farmer to carry a chicken across a state line when we have illegal people crossing our national border?  They want you to believe the farmers are spreading bird flu when in REALITY it is the WILD BIRDS that carry it around the world, not some poor farmer hauling a dozen chickens from Arkansas to Missouri.  Please call your congressman and tell them to throw out Bill HR 137 because there are more important issues to vote on."
Louis and Ashley Glidewell from Murphysboro write, "(We) saw a commercial for a Kenmore Washing Machine.  They had fun sounding carnival like music playing with clowns coming out of the washing machine.  Parents tell their children everyday not to play in the washer or dryer because it is dangerous. not acknowledging the dangers of playing in a washing machine."   
Joyce Aldrich from Greenville, Missouri writes, "The only sports you ever talk about are football, baseball, basketball, golf, etc.  I would like to know why the Professional Bull Riders do not get (air) time...Missouri does have some PBR riders...I wouldn't miss one event."

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