Unsolved murder mystery case

Unsolved murder mystery case
By: Holly Brantley
DUNKLIN COUNTY, Mo. - Recent inquiries lead investigators to take another look at a 36-year-old unsolved murder mystery. They want to know who took the lives of Mary Seutter and Alan Brian Bradford nearly forty years ago.
Police hope old evidence, along with new technology might bring closure to the case. Modern DNA testing could unlock the clues.
Go back in time to 1970. Twenty year old Bradford, a Marine, and Seutter, a 17-year-old Kansas City Runaway met two brothers with ties to Dunklin County.
Soon after, the young men and Seutter would take a life changing trip from St. Louis to the Heartland.
"In June of 1970, there was a double homicide near the river and charges were brought against Theodore Klein at that time," said Steve Sokoloff, Dunklin County Prosecuting Attorney.
Apparently, Bradford and Seutter traveled to Campbell with the Klein's to visit their uncle. At one point, they stopped near a bridge. Later, the brothers returned to their uncle's house. But, Bradford and Seutter never did. Their bodies were later found near the bridge. Both had been shot in the head.
"Initially both of the brothers were charged," explained Dunklin County Major Case Squad Commander, Walter Dearing. "Eventually, charges against Dennis were dropped." 
Theodore Klein's trial eventually ended with a hung jury. And, the case put on the back burner until last year when investigators started reconstructing it.
"All the players are still around. All the players are still alive," said Sokoloff. "With DNA evidence the prospects are encouraging.
"Mr. Klein's trousers had blood on the legs," said Dearing. "But the only thing they could tell back then was that the blood was human."
Fast forward to the present. Now, DNA testing could bring answers. Blood relatives were needed for testing. A lot of research turned up two for Bradford, and one for Seutter.
Testing is taking place right now. Results should show if the blood on the suspects pants was his own or the victims. Dearing says other evidence could also help shed light on this case.