Taxi worker attacked

Taxi worker attacked
By: Holly Brantley

SIKESTON, Mo. - A night on the job turns scary for a taxi service dispatcher. Betty Buttry works at Jay's Taxi in Sikeston, Missouri. She was nearing the end of her shift around 3 a.m. Friday when she says someone barged in and tried to cut her throat before running off with more than $300.
Betty returned to work Sunday for the first time since the incident.
"He came in and grabbed me and slammed me on the ground," said Buttry. "The main thing I was thinking of was my kids. I could tell he had a knife."
Buttry says she fought off the robber, escaping with a cut on her thumb and a few scratches. "He grabbed what he wanted and out the door he went."
Buttry says the robber knew where the money was kept. That has owner Mary Vinson thinking the whole thing might have been a set up. So, she's warning Buttry, and all her employees to be extra careful.
"I told her to lock both the bay doors and the outside door and not to let anybody in, even if she knows them," said Vinson. "I hope they catch them. I'm gonna do all I can to help them catch him."
"I was pretty scared," said Buttry. " But I got something waiting for him. He won't walk away this time."
Captain Mark Crocker with the Sikeston Department of Public Safety says police are investigating the incident.