YourTurn - 1/22/07

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Della Swope from Jackson, "Since voters passed the wage increase I have kicked myself...for voting for it...before it even showed up on my paycheck, the store where I work started raising prices...all I was trying to do was make a the senior citizens of the Heartland, I am sorry."
Steve Moore from Williamsville, "On your morning show they talked about NASCAR and compared it to football.  There is no comparison.  Football is just a game with a lot of overpaid players...NASCAR is not just a sport, it's a way of life."
Sandra Brown from Scott City, "(On) the news you talked about the need for an upgrade to the (Cape Girardeau) library...I think you hit the nail on the head about the children needing more room but then it changed to meeting rooms, more computers, and let's not forget the COFFEE SHOP!!  I'm sure all the children need their COFFEE.  I think this would be useless...shame on everyone for trying to use the children for this adult tax raise."
Marilyn Olson from Zalma, "We have an epidemic of stray dogs and many have mange. (ACE of Animal Behavior) does not have an account to bankroll strays.  Whether we care for them or euthanize them we end up paying out of our pocket for their owners' carelessness...if you need help contact your local veterinarian or shelters for ideas."
Kent Luke from Malden, "I have been pleased with the KFVS12 web site (for) high school football coverage.  I am not as satisfied with high school basketball coverage...please create an easier way to locate high school sports scores."

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